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Venus Water Heater services in chennai

Venus water heater service in Chennai

Heater Services Chennai is one of the leading water heater and geysers repair and installation service provider of Chennai. With 25 years of rendering services in respected fields, we have earned good words of mouth for providing impeccable Venus Water Heater Service in Chennai .

Our team includes a group of certified and experienced plumbers and technicians who with their decades of experience can cater towards any kind of service needs. Venus provides water heaters for residential as well as commercial purposes and the products are well known for their high quality built and exceptional engineering. However, repairing or installing a Venus Product is not an easy task for everyone. It requires years of experiences as well as practical skills to handle the intricacies of Venus water heaters.

Heater Services Chennai hires workers and technicians from a diverse background to provide impeccable Venus water heater service in Chennai.

Common Issues that we can efficiently handle:

  1. Water Temperature Problems

When your water heater is taking too long to heat or not heating at all, we can help. We can also fix overheating issues.

  1. Water leakage, discolouration, and odour

Water leakage can be from few reasons like temperature issues, faulty valve, excessive pressure, etc.  In the same regard, discolouration and odour can be a result from decaying sacrificial anode rod. We can fix it for you.

  1. Automatic function not working

Our experts can solve this issue in a single visit itself.


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We are small group of plumbers and heater repair workers. We can help you with heater and geyser problems and any other service related to Water heater.

geyser water heaters services in chennai

Geyser and Heater professionals in its quest to make the highest services high levels of customer satisfaction. This is expressed in our wide range of heater solutions, varying from small domestic to large industrial applications, as well as the technical support service that we offer.

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