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Racold Water Heater services in chennai

Racold Water Heater Service in Chennai

Racold is a regular household name when it comes to water heaters and its related solutions. Been a back to back winner of BEE Energy Award and MNRE Awards, Racold has reached the epitome of innovation with its solar, electric and gas based water heaters.

Racold is known for its high-end performances and modern features. With the changing dynamics of lifestyle, the requirements of consumers have also extended to the point of zenith. Racold is one of the few Brands who manufacture its products addressing to all customer base. . There is no doubt about the innovation of Racold, but significant developments require perfect maintenance and handling too. Also, availing Racold Water Heater Service in Chennai is equally difficult and that’s where, we come into the picture.

Heater Services Chennai is a group of certified and experienced technicians and workers providing active installation and repair services for Racold Water Heater Service in Chennai.

Installing and using a water heater especially Racold, can be complicated for first-timers. Contact us at 9840330587 for a safe installation of your water heater. Our efficient employees will visit your home at your convenient time and install your Water heater within a short time. Moreover, they will teach you how to use it properly along with providing you use power saving tips.

At Heater Service Chennai, we also offer repair services of Water Heaters from all brands. Just any newbie can’t repair brands like Racold. But we can as we are highly efficient with a collective work experience of 25 years. To avail Racold Water Heater Service in Chennai, call us today.


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We are small group of plumbers and heater repair workers. We can help you with heater and geyser problems and any other service related to Water heater.

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Geyser and Heater professionals in its quest to make the highest services high levels of customer satisfaction. This is expressed in our wide range of heater solutions, varying from small domestic to large industrial applications, as well as the technical support service that we offer.

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